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Always by your side

Leak free in just 12 weeks

Kegel8 V For Men

Pelvic floor issues aren't limited to just women

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Kegel8 Ultra 20 V2
Women's Toners
Female Accessories

How It Works

Week 1
With your sessions your toner will help you find your pelvic floor muscles
Week 4
You'll start to feel a real difference. More control, less leaks, more confidence
Week 12
Your pelvic floor is strong and you're living life without leaks and sudden urges!


It can take just 12 weeks to improve your pelvic floor, imagine what you could be doing if you start today...
  • Enjoying the early days of motherhood without leaks?
  • Regaining intimacy with your partner?
  • Or simply enjoying day-to-day life worry free?

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Probes For Men
Kegel8 V for Men
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    The Kegel8 Ultra 20 has changed my life... I not only feel better in my pelvic area but it has also done wonders for my libido. I was set to have a hysterectomy and now I'm not having a huge operation, best money ive ever spend on my health!
    Thank you for this excellent device....I have been using it for several weeks now and can say there is a significant improvement to continence and pelvic floor muscles.
    I can recommend it to anyone suffering problems similar to mine.
    I was, at 36, considering starting to wear full pull-up pads as the urgency and leaks would over flow pads. I have been using Kegel8 for nearly 2 weeks and it has already changed my life, I have had no leaks, no running to the toilet, even able to pull my jeans down without struggling.
    This product was recommended to me by my Gynaecologist, because I have a 2nd degree uterine prolapse. I have been doing the exercises since I got it, it has been just three weeks but I can see the results already, I highly recommend.
    I had been doing the exercises all wrong and with the help of this I have managed to actually engage the muscles properly, I now know what they feel like. Noticeable improvement especially in the bedroom, quite amazing! 
    I used Ultra 20 for around 4 weeks at least 3 times a week and when my partner come back from working away, he asked if I’d had a tightening surgery. I've now been using it for 12 months and the difference is just so good I totally recommend!
    Although not leak free, the improvement in the last 12 weeks is impressive. There has been more improvement in 3 months than in the previous 9 months since my surgery. I just wish I had tried it sooner.
    Since having my daughter many years ago, I've suffered from leakings and a lack luster sex life. I have been using for almost 2 weeks now and already noticed a massive improvement, I couldn't quite believe how quick I've noticed results.
    Have used these for 6 weeks now after being prescribed them by a physiotherapist. My pelvic floor muscles are dancing to a whole new tune. Definite improvement with my bladder control and haven't used a pad for a week now!
    I was devastated to find I had another small bladder prolapse. Took the plunge and bought the Ultra 20, within days of using I can feel the difference. No longer do I have vaginal noise and a feeling of fullness and dragging. Better still I no longer have to use pads "just in case".
    Suffer from both ED and Benign Prostatic Enlargement. I have to say that I have noticed an improvement In my ED, sometimes spectacularly so! I have also noticed a significant improvement in the number of times I have to get up in the night to go to the toilet.
    Several months ago I suffered a prolapse after overdoing an exercise class. I purchased a toner from Boots but it only worked for one month so I ordered a Kegel. It was much better and worth the extra money. I would certainly recommend it to anyone with my problem.
    When you do kegels using these cones, you feel "stronger" right after exercising. I didn't feel that without the cone. It also provides visual feedback that could be useful for those who are uncertain about the right movement.
    Skinny Mom
    Easy to use, gives immediate feedback on muscle strength.  I work my pelvic floor daily but this device has shown there is room for improvement which helps and I will know when I am improving them, can't recommend it enough.
    It is early days but I am extremely positive I will continue to see results as I feel a slight improvement already. I am 64 and feel a bulge. I have been doing exercises for the past 6 months but wish I had bought the Kegel8 Ultra 20 sooner.