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X-Top For Men Incontinence Pouch
X-Top For Men Incontinence Pouch - Pack of 10
X-Top For Men Incontinence Pouch
X-Top For Men Incontinence Pouch
X-Top For Men Incontinence Pouch - Pack of 10
X-Top For Men Incontinence Pouch
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X-Top For Men Incontinence Pouch - Pack of 10

  • X-Top for Men gives complete protection against incontinence up to 50ml, 100ml and 150ml.
  • Patented Supercore technology traps urine to give lasting dryness and protection against odours.

  • Light and breathable material ensures you remain comfortable day and night.

  • Adjustable fastener allows for discreet placement and removal.

  • Soft, hypoallergenic surface - free from latex.
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For men grappling with incontinence, the feelings of embarrassment and apprehension are all too familiar. The inability to embark on long journeys with family or engage in sports with friends due to the fear of leaks can significantly impede one's quality of life.


Incontinence remains a hushed topic, often brushed under the carpet, yet avoiding discussions about it solves nothing. While traditional bulky adult diapers may offer some relief, they often lead to heightened embarrassment, compounding the issue.


But fret not, there's now a solution at hand. X-Top for Men is meticulously crafted with men in mind. Featuring a simple yet ingenious design harnessing patented supercore technology, it provides comprehensive 360-degree protection against leaks and odours, empowering you to embrace life fully.


X-Tops are lightweight and comfortable, yet incredibly absorbent, allowing you to don one in the morning and forget about it for the rest of the day, sans the worry of unsightly wet patches. When it's time for a change, the process is both straightforward and discreet. Simply position the pouch over your penis and fasten securely for complete leak protection. It's recommended to wear briefs instead of boxers with X-Tops, as the absorbency may slightly increase the weight, and snug briefs provide the necessary support to keep it discreetly in place.

Recommended For

Those with urinary incontinence but want a discrete solution, in 3 levels of absorbancy.

Included Contents

10 x X-Top Male Incontinence pouches per pack. Choose the absorbancy to suit your needs.

Absorbency Level

  • Level 1- Light protection - 50ml protects against small dribbles throughout the day, perfect for normal day to day activities.
  • Level 2- Moderate protection - 100ml, perfect for times you know you will be aware from a toilet from extended time.
  • Level 3- Overnight protection up to 150ml, allows you to go to sleep in peace knowing you have full protection for the whole night.


16cm (6.5")


8cm (3.2")


Adjustable tab to ensure it fits all sizes.