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SRC Health Rehab Womens High Waist Shorts
SRC Health Rehab Womens High Waist Shorts
SRC Health Rehab Womens High Waist Shorts
SRC Health Rehab Womens High Waist Shorts
SRC Health Rehab Womens High Waist Shorts
SRC Health Rehab Womens High Waist Shorts
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SRC Health Rehab Womens High Waist Shorts

  • Delivers targeted compression to help recover from lower back surgery, vaginal repairs, hysterectomies & more.

  • Assists with swelling reduction by increasing pressure in the tissue.

  • Speeds up post-surgical recovery by facilitating would healing whilst providing pain relief.

  • Promotes muscle activation by providing continuous gentle compression.
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  • Product Description

Living with pain pre and post-surgery affects every aspect of your life. You may find that simply sitting for too long can disrupt your life for days on end, or that exercise you used to undertake with ease now causes you pain. Surgery is often the only answer, but of course afterwards you need support to aid in your recovery.


Anatomical Support Panels (ASP) developed and patented by SRC Health deliver targeted compression. This can be ideal for wound healing and treating multiple conditions such as recovery from abdominal and back surgeries, gynaecological procedures, and back pain, as well as reducing the risk of DVT by improving mobility. The unique SRC fabric technology promotes muscle activation by providing continuous gentle compression to the pelvis, back and abdominal muscles.


Wound compression after major abdominal surgery can enhance the speed of postoperative recovery of walk performance. These garments also assist with swelling reduction. Feeling like a second skin and without being tight, the gentle compression increases the pressure in the tissue under the skin. This reduces swelling by moving the excess fluid that builds up around the wound back into the deeper venous blood vessels and back to the heart. Increasing venous and lymphatic drainage from around a wound allows for nutrient rich oxygenated blood to infiltrate the tissue allowing for faster healing.

Recommended for

  • Lower back surgery.
  • Gynaecological procedures including vaginal repairs, pelvic floor/prolapse surgeries, and hysterectomies.
  • Spinal surgery.
  • Abdominal surgeries such as tummy tucks, hernia repairs, abdominoplasties, and appendectomies.


Please see sizing information below prior to purchasing your recovery shorts. We recommend you ask for assistance when taking your own measurements to ensure you purchase the correct size. Measure around the hips at their largest area. The tape should sit over the top part of the pubic bone and the biggest part of the bottom and should be touching all the way around but should not be tight.


XXS: 33 – 34.5 Inches | 84 – 88 Centimetres

XS: 35 – 36.5 Inches | 89 – 93 Centimetres

S: 37 – 38.5 Inches | 94 – 98 Centimetres

M: 39 – 41 Inches | 99 – 104 Centimetres

L: 41.5 – 44 Inches | 105 – 112 Centimetres

XXL: 48 – 51 Inches | 112 – 130 Centimetres