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SRC Health Pregnancy Leggings
SRC Health Pregnancy Leggings
SRC Health Pregnancy Leggings
SRC Health Pregnancy Leggings
SRC Health Pregnancy Leggings
SRC Health Pregnancy Leggings
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SRC Health Pregnancy Leggings

  • Light medical compression helps to prevent vulval varicose veins and symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD).

  • Adjustable waistband designed to support your body throughout the whole of your pregnancy.

  • Lightweight and breathable fabrics for full optimum comfort.

  • Durable design means the shorts keep their shape and function ability for future pregnancies.
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  • Product Description

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and a wonderful time in a woman’s life. There is no feeling quite like your little one wriggling around and developing in your belly as you wait to meet them. Pregnancy can also be a difficult time on a physical level and the impact it can have on your body both outside and in is great. Your internal organs and even your bones physically move to create room for your growing foetus, and your ligaments and muscles that support your back and pelvis become looser, meaning you are far more vulnerable to the possibility of back and pelvic floor issues.


Endorsed by The Australian Physiotherapy Association, the SRC Pregnancy Leggings have been specially designed to support and reduce the stress placed upon your pelvis as your baby grows. The gentle medical compression works to improve your muscle tone and stability whilst reducing pelvic and back pain.


With separate anatomical support panels targeted to each area affected by a pregnancy, these leggings are a must-have for expectant mothers.

Recommended for

Back and pelvis support during pregnancy.


Please see sizing information below prior to purchasing your recovery shorts. We recommend you ask for assistance when taking your own measurements to ensure you purchase the correct size. Measure around the hips at their largest area. The tape should sit over the top part of the pubic bone and the biggest part of the bottom and should be touching all the way around but should not be tight.


XXS: 33 – 34.5 Inches | 84 – 88 Centimetres

XS: 35 – 36.5 Inches | 89 – 93 Centimetres

S: 37 – 38.5 Inches | 94 – 98 Centimetres

M: 39 – 41 Inches | 99 – 104 Centimetres

L: 41.5 – 44 Inches | 105 – 112 Centimetres

XL: 44.5 – 47.5 Inches | 113 – 121 Centimetres

XXL: 48 – 51 Inches | 112 – 130 Centimetres