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SRC Health C-Section Recovery Shorts
SRC Health C-Section Recovery Shorts
SRC Health C-Section Recovery Shorts
SRC Health C-Section Recovery Shorts
SRC Health C-Section Recovery Shorts
SRC Health C-Section Recovery Shorts
SRC Health C-Section Recovery Shorts
SRC Health C-Section Recovery Shorts
SRC Health C-Section Recovery Shorts
SRC Health C-Section Recovery Shorts
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SRC Health C-Section Recovery Shorts

  • Superior Support: Essential for postpartum recovery, especially after C-sections
  • Comfort-Driven Design: Ultra-soft waistband and seams enhance comfort and functionality
  • Enhanced Mobility: Anti-chafing fabric and obstetrician-approved design simplify daily tasks
  • Effective Compression: Anatomical Support Panels (ASP) provide targeted compression for better healing
  • Durable Fabric: Maintains shape and compression after 100 washes, featuring flatlock seams and convenient pockets
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  • Product Description

Presenting the SRC Health Postpartum Recovery Shorts, thoughtfully engineered to provide essential support and ease discomfort after a C-section or vaginal birth


These shorts are designed to aid in the healing process, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable recovery journey for new mothers, particularly those recuperating from significant abdominal surgeries.  The SRC Health Postpartum Recovery Shorts boast an ultra-soft waistband and strategically positioned seams to maximize comfort while maintaining high functionality. With added pockets for convenience, these shorts are tailored specifically for the unique needs of C-section recovery.


Made with anti-chafing fabric and developed with input from obstetricians, these shorts offer unparalleled comfort and practicality. They enhance stability and allow for greater freedom of movement, simplifying daily tasks such as lifting, feeding, bathing, and caring for your baby.


SRC Recovery Garments are designed without the need for adjustable buttons, Velcro, or zippers, ensuring a snug, second-skin fit that doesn’t require constant adjustments. Endorsed by medical professionals, these garments are vital for boosting mobility and pelvic muscle function after childbirth. The patented Anatomical Support Panels (ASP) provide precise compression, perfect for addressing C-section wounds, perineal trauma, episiotomy scars, abdominal muscle separation, and lower back pain. The ASP ensures gentle, consistent compression, which activates muscles, promotes core stability, and reduces swelling and muscle fatigue.


The uniquely milled fabric is tested extensively and offers support and comfort without restriction. It returns to its original shape after each wash and wear, maintaining optimal performance and durability. In comparison to a leading compression brand, this fabric retains its size, shape, and high-level compression even after 100 wash cycles.  The SRC Recovery Garment’s flatlock seams enhance comfort during physical activity and prevent chafing and wound irritation. Designed specifically for C-section recovery, the flatlock seams are positioned to avoid contact with the C-section wound, while the ultra-soft waistband reduces the effort needed to put on the shorts post-surgery. Additionally, the shorts feature two side pockets, large enough to fit most mobile phones.


Experience the superior support and comfort of the SRC Health Postpartum Recovery Shorts, an indispensable part of your postpartum recovery regimen.



Small - 94cm - 98cm (37 inches - 38.5 inches)

Medium - 99cm - 104cm (39 inches - 41 inches)

Large - 105cm - 112cm (41.5 inches - 44 inches)