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SELFCheck Menopause Test
SELFCheck Menopause Test
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SELFCheck Menopause Test

  • Menopause test kit to see if you have gone through the menopausal transition.

  • Simple, easy to follow instructions.

  • Home menopause test for results in less than 15 minutes.

  • Fast and reliable results.

  • Provides an early detection of presence of FSH in urine.
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Why opt for the early menopause test?

While the average age for women to reach menopause is 50, individual variations exist, allowing menopause to occur as early as 39 or as late as 69. This test provides a dependable means to identify whether you've undergone the menopausal transition.

How to interpret the results?

For best results, conduct the test in the morning and avoid interpreting results after 15 minutes.



If the result is positive, what should you do?

Consult your doctor for confirmation of post-menopause and assistance in finding the most suitable methods to alleviate symptoms. Embrace the support and guidance for a smoother transition.

Recommended For

Women who suspect they may have entered the menopausal phase.

Included Contents

Instructions for use

Test Components: 2 foil packs, each containing 1 test strip and desiccant.

User Manual

View and/or Download the User Manual