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Prolapse Exercises Inside Out by Michelle Kenway
Prolapse Exercises Inside Out by Michelle Kenway
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Prolapse Exercises Inside Out by Michelle Kenway

  • Learn how to exercise safely and avoid your prolapse worsening.

  • Reduce your symptoms and manage your prolapse.

  • Safe exercises for core strengthening and weight loss.

  • Recover your strength and fitness after prolapse surgery.
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  • Product Description

Everything you need to know about managing and improving your pelvic organ prolapse. Top Aussie Physio Michelle Kenway helps you get back to fitness and manage your prolapse even after surgery. Many women with prolapse avoid exercise for fear of making their prolapse worse. Here you’ll find out how to exercise gently and effectively to improve your fitness whilst supporting and even reducing the severity of your prolapse. It is vital you know what kind of exercise to avoid, but also what you can do to improve your pelvic floor strength. With advice for recovering from prolapse surgery, exercise for strengthening your core abdominal muscles, guidance on losing weight in order to reduce pressure on your pelvic floor and even methods to improve your bone health. Improve your overall fitness as well as your pelvic floor health. With easy-to-follow instructions, photographic guides and explanatory diagrams, Michelle Kenway helps you to understand how your body works and, in turn, regain the confidence to exercise and get fit even with prolapse.

Contents Includes

  • Understanding Your Prolapse
  • Exercises for Prolapse Support
  • Exercising for Your Weakest Link
  • Strength Exercises and Prolapse
  • Pelvic Floor Safe Abdominal Core Exercises for Prolapse
  • Abdominal Exercises and Pelvic Floor Overload
  • Aerobic Fitness Exercises and Prolapse
  • Exercise After Prolapse Surgery
  • Osteoporosis Exercises and Prolapse
  • Weight Management Exercises and Prolapse