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Osalis D Mannose UTI Bladder Support 1000mg
Osalis D Mannose UTI Bladder Support 1000mg
Osalis D Mannose UTI Bladder Support 1000mg
Osalis D Mannose UTI Bladder Support 1000mg
Osalis D Mannose UTI Bladder Support 1000mg
Osalis D Mannose UTI Bladder Support 1000mg
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Osalis D Mannose UTI Bladder Support 1000mg

  • Natural bladder calming remedy for urinary tract infections, cystitis, & sensitive bladder.

  • Flushes out bacteria responsible for 90% of UTI's.

  • Clinically proven to treat and prevent recurring UTI's, frequency, urge and nocturia incontinence.

  • One month’s supply, in an easy to swallow tablet.
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  • Product Description

D-mannose (1000mg) is by far the most effective supplement for both the treatment and prevention of Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs). D-mannose is the active ingredient within cranberry juice however this special formula is more effective than cranberry juice alone and it doesn't contain added sugar – a known bladder irritant. D-mannose is a powerful home cure for UTIs because it attaches to E. coli bacteria, causing them to stick to each other and preventing them from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract which causes the bladder infection and pain. A sensitive bladder will also be calmed by supplementing with D-Mannose, and clinical evidence shows that frequency (urinating often), urgency (got to go NOW) and nocturia (loo visits more than once a night) are vastly improved. When you get the symptoms of a UTI it is essential you act quickly to stop it getting hold and causing damage to the kidneys. D'Mannose means you can act quickly and treat your bladder pain symptoms with the natural power of D'Mannose, instead of strong antibiotic medications from the GP. Suitable for both women and men.

Recommended For

-Flushing out bacteria which causes urinary tract infections (UTI's) and prevents recurring UTI's for optimum bladder health.
- Calms a sensitive bladder, also useful for frequency, urge and nocturia.
- D Mannose also slows down protein loss and reduces low blood sugar levels.
- Regular use of D Mannose shows it lines the inside of the bladder calming irritation and discomfort.

Can be used to

Optimise bladder health with D-mannose to quickly treat UTI's as soon a symptoms develop, and also to prevent recurring UTIs.

Included Contents

30 tablets, 1000mg.


To treat existing UTI - 2 tablets twice daily for 3 days. Followed by 1 tablet daily for the next 10 days.

To prevent UTI's- 1-2 tablets a day before a meal. If a UTI is present increase the dose up to as many as 6 tablets a day. Do not give to children under 12 years old.

To calm sensitive bladder - 1 tablet daily before food.

Does Not Include

Gluten, Wheat, Yeast, Lactose, Sweeteners, Starch, Soya, Egg, Nuts.