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Kegel8 Super Slim Probe
Kegel8 Super Slim Probe
Kegel8 Super Slim Probe
Kegel8 Super Slim Probe
Kegel8 Super Slim Probe
Kegel8 Super Slim Probe
Kegel8 Super Slim Probe
Kegel8 Super Slim Probe
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Kegel8 Super Slim Probe

  • Medical Grade e-stim Probe made from quality TPE plastic.

  • Adjustable length with safety hilt, suitable as a vaginal probe and/or anal probe.

  • Slim with circular ring electrodes.

  • Suitable for EMS and biofeedback with most pelvic toners.

  • Medical grade stainless steel with less than 8% nickel.
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  • Product Description

Ultra-slim internal probe for vaginal or anal use features 2 ring electrodes. Expertly designed it is compatible with all pelvic floor devices that use a lead wire, including Kegel8® devices. Neat with a tapered tip, insertion is comfortable while the adjustable base ring enables you to control the depth. Designed to stimulate the muscles deep within the pelvic floor, evenly and effectively, it has 2 ring electrodes. If you find that you lose connectivity between the probe and your muscles when using e-stim, or if you feel loose, you’ll find probes with circumference electrodes are better for you.

When used anally it stimulates the posterior part of the pelvic floor muscles and targets the sphincter muscles. This is ideal for those suffering with bowel incontinence, excessive flatulence or prolapse. This probe contains less than 8% nickel, and should not be used if you suffer with a nickel allergy. For those we recommend a gold probe such as the Kegel8 Gold Glide.

Recommended For

Vaginal use | Anal use

Can be used with

All Kegel8 Pelvic Toners, NMES Pelvic Toners which use asymmetrical and symmetrical waveform and for Professional Clinical use.


Body-safe Plastic | Stainless Steel | PVC | Latex free


11.5 cm

Insertable Length

6.5 - 11 cm


1.2 cm


CE | Grade IIa Medical Device


6 Months

Washing Instructions

Clean using Kegel8 Cleaning Spray and pat or air dry. Can be cleaned with warm soapy water (do not sterilise).

Electrode Surface Area

380mmsq (approx.)

No. of Electrodes