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Jade & Pearl Pink Pearls Plus Sponge Pessary
Jade & Pearl Pink Pearls Plus Sponge Pessary
Jade & Pearl Pink Pearls Plus Sponge Pessary
Jade & Pearl Pink Pearls Plus Sponge Pessary
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Jade & Pearl Pink Pearls Plus Sponge Pessary

  • Dense, firm sponge for pelvic organ prolapse support.

  • Acts the same as a pessary by supporting your internal pelvic organs.

  • Helps relive the ‘dragging’ sensation of prolapse.

  • Can prevent the worsening of prolapse.

  • Trim down for perfect size and fit.
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  • Product Description

A prolapse is not life threatening, but it can cause pain and discomfort. Jade and Pearl Plus Pessary help to provide natural support for women suffering with pelvic organ prolapse. Unlike traditional pessaries for prolapse, Pink Pearls are not abrasive, do not need fitting by a professional, inexpensive, and far less invasive. Although wearing a pessary cannot cure a prolapse, it can give you relief from prolapse symptoms and also help to prevent a prolapse from worsening, as they work to support the internal organs. Wearing the Pink Pearls in the vagina can help to support the fallen organ and provide relief from the everyday symptoms of prolapse. Pink Pearls Plus are a larger size than a traditional pessary but they can be trimmed to give you a perfect fit. Knowing the correct size first time is unlikely which can mean wasted money, Pink Pearls give you the ability to use trial and error for the best fit.

Recommended For

Supporting your pelvic organs to protect against pelvic organ prolapse.

Included Contents

1 x Pink Plus Sponge.


10.5cm x 9cm x 7cm - Can be cut down to correct size.