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Contiform Vaginal Pessary / New User Kit
Contiform Vaginal Pessary / New User Kit
Contiform Vaginal Pessary / New User Kit
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Contiform Vaginal Pessary / New User Kit

  • Vaginal pessary protects you from stress incontinence and leaks.

  • Supports the urethra and restores the body’s natural anatomy.

  • Easy to use, can be worn all day.

  • Great for active women wanting to stay active, dry and in control.

  • Includes a silicone removal ribbon to assist in removal.

  • New User Kit recommended for first time users to determine the best sizing, then purchase size to suit.
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  • Product Description

Contiform pessary stops stress incontinence and urine leakage by supporting the urethra and restoring the body’s natural anatomy. With regular use, it can work in harmony with conventional pelvic floor exercises to bring about long-term improvement in muscle tone strength and control. It can be worn all day, every day, or simply during activities like exercising. Many women prefer the reassurance of wearing it constantly to avoid leaking when laughing, coughing or sneezing, especially during the cold and ‘flu season. Contiform should be removed for cleaning at night. It includes a silicone removal ribbon to assist in removal, it is reusable and recommended for those with stress incontinence, and exercise leaks. New users to Contiform should purchase the New Users Kit to get the sizing right for them, sizing is vitally important but really easy. 

Included Contents

1 x reusable pessary available in small, medium or large / Removal ribbon / Starter guide.

New User Kit - 3 x Contiform pessary in small, medium and large / Removal ribbon / Starter guide.

Washing Instructions

Wash with warm water and non-perfumed soap after each use.

Do not boil or place IncoFree in the microwave as this will reduce its effectiveness; can be autoclaved.


Soft Body Safe Plastic