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Contam Vaginal Pessary Set Regular
Contam Vaginal Pessary Set Regular
Contam Vaginal Pessary Set Regular
Contam Vaginal Pessary Set Regular
Contam Vaginal Pessary Set Regular
Contam Vaginal Pessary Set Regular
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Contam Vaginal Pessary Set Regular

  • Daywear vaginal pessary for stress incontinence and prolapse.

  • Starter pack helps you find your perfect size & manage urinary leaks and prolapse symptoms.

  • Supports your bladder & urethra in sport, activities, walking etc.

  • Easy to insert and remove, lightweight so it won’t add pressure or fall out.

  • Strengthens and supports pelvic floor muscles.
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  • Product Description

The Contam vaginal pessary starter pack contains one of each of the most popular sizes to help you choose the pessary that's right for you  – mini, regular, and extra. Its a pessary that you control so it is ideal for daywear you need extra support. Contam is a bullet-shaped day-wear pessary for stress incontinence to help you manage leaks. It sits in the vagina just like a tampon and its specially designed shape raises the vaginal wall, shutting the urethra enough to prevent involuntary loss of urine. It is super lightweight too, so even if your pelvic floor muscles are weak and you have trouble retaining a tampon, you'll find this easy to stay in place. You will still be able to urinate normally but can go about your day without worrying about leaks, all completely discreetly. The Contam pessary also activates your pelvic floor muscles, subtly strengthening them throughout the day to help further reduce your symptoms.

Recommended For

Treating stress incontinence, prolapse and weak pelvic floor muscles (Starter set to help you determine the most comfortable size).

Included Contents

3 x Contam Vaginal Pessaries (1x Mini, 1x Regular, 1x Extra)


Day wear only - for up to 12 hours. Do not wear to sleep or during your period. 

Overall Diameter

Mini: 22mm

Regular: 28mm

Extra: 33mm