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Contam Med Vaginal Pessary
Contam Med Vaginal Pessary
Contam Med Vaginal Pessary
Contam Med Vaginal Pessary
Contam Med Vaginal Pessary
Contam Med Vaginal Pessary
Contam Med Vaginal Pessary
Contam Med Vaginal Pessary
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Contam Med Vaginal Pessary

  • Stress Incontinence daywear pessary with applicator for topical or prescription lubricant.

  • Tampon-like design for easy insertion and removal.

  • Prolong the effects of topical medicines and lubricants.

  • Targets stress incontinence by supporting urethra and vaginal walls.

  • Suitable for support and maintenance of prolapse and vaginal atrophy.
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  • Product Description

Finding the right method of stress incontinence management for you can be confusing, particularly if you also suffer from vaginal dryness. Many women like to use a stress incontinence pessary as a simple way of preventing leaks, but if your vagina lacks lubrication then inserting and wearing one will often be uncomfortable and even painful. The Contam Med features a grooved surface with an indent along the middle – this can be used for topical treatments and lubricants, providing an easy way of applying your medicine. By applying your vaginal moisturiser in this way you can ensure that you feel comfortable all day. This is ideal for vaginal atrophy and other symptoms of the menopause. The classic Contam tampon design means it can also be used to support the uterus in cases of prolapse. You will still be able to go to the toilet as normal and the Contam Med will train and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to further relieve your symptoms.

Recommended For

Stress incontinence and prolapse.

Allows medicine or lubricant to the inside of vagina to keep it in place all day.


Regular: 61mm

Extra: 66mm


Day wear only - for up to 12 hours. 

Overall Diameter

Regular: 25mm

Extra: 30mm