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Contam Cube Vaginal Pessary
Contam Cube Vaginal Pessary
Contam Cube Vaginal Pessary
Contam Cube Vaginal Pessary
Contam Cube Vaginal Pessary
Contam Cube Vaginal Pessary
Contam Cube Vaginal Pessary
Contam Cube Vaginal Pessary
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Contam Cube Vaginal Pessary

  • Cube pessary for help with pelvic organ prolapse - supports up to 3rd degree prolapse.

  • Comfortable and discreet daywear cube pessary.

  • Medical grade foam material - soak before use to make it soft to fold for easy insertion, then it springs back into shape to support the prolapse.
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  • Product Description

A daywear Contam cube pessary is a simple and discreet way to support and manage your prolapse.
Uterine prolapse is an uncomfortable and confidence-sapping condition to have, particularly in more severe cases. Many women find that using pessary treatment for prolapse is a convenient way of staying comfortable while also managing their prolapse.
Cube pessaries are recommended for prolapse up to stage 3; this is also known as a complete prolapse, where the cervix protrudes slightly from the entrance of the vagina. The Contam Dice offers excellent support and will stay put all day, leaving you to get on with life in comfort. Contam offer a range of tampon-like pessaries for prolapse and stress incontinence. The design makes them easy to use as insertion is just like a standard menstrual tampon. The pessary is made from medical foam which needs to be soaked in water for a few minutes to soften it prior to insertion. It is soft and comfortable but ultra supportive and helps you manage your prolapse easily and safely. 

Recommended For

- Supporting the uterus following prolapse, managing prolapse.

- If you find traditional tampon shapes fall out.

- Strenuous physical activity.


Day wear only - for up to 12 hours. Do not wear to sleep or during your period. 

Overall Diameter

Small: 32 x 32mm

Medium: 37 x 37mm

Large: 42 x 42mm