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Sherryl's 'noticed a difference after only 3 weeks'

'At the age of 45 after giving birth to two children, a partial hysterectomy at 32, and a more than 20 year career as a nurse I started to realise something was wrong with my body. I was feeling pressure at the vaginal opening and experiencing back pain and dribbling after urination. The longer I was on my feet the worse it got. I went to my doctor who shocked me by saying I had a 2nd- 3rd degree bladder/ vaginal prolapse.

I was horrified and terrified. I had been told after my hysterectomy that I no longer needed pelvic exams and that was that. My GP explained that a lack of pelvic strength and muscle tone allowed my bladder to drop into the empty space where the uterus used to be. I was told I was quite young for this but had increased my risk due to doing heavy lifting in my job. I'd had no post-hysterectomy education on the importance of pelvic floor health.

I immediately scheduled a repair surgery. I had surgery to lift my bladder but the urethral sling did not stop the dribbling and I knew I was still left with a weak pelvic floor. The doc said repeat surgery would likely be necessary in 5 years; I went on the internet determined this would not happen to me. I tried kegels but seemed to be unable to do them correctly. Another search led me to the Kegel8 website. I ordered one and had high hopes. Meanwhile I was allowed to resume sexual activity but my husband and I immediately realised that when everything was lifted the REAL weakness was exposed. There was no pleasure. I thought our sex life was doomed.

[Lovemaking] 'We noticed a difference after only 3 weeks...but I kept going'

I received my Kegel8 Ultra 20 and immediately started exercising. My husband was completely satisfied in just 3 weeks saying it all felt normal again, but I kept going. I did the full 12 week treatment, trying 3 different probes, and not only is my pelvic floor strong and the dribble gone, but I realise I could have avoided the whole surgery had I known about this product first. I don't know why we turn a blind eye to this issue but this is an amazing tool for women who suffer from it. I am telling every woman I know about this, including one coworker who had a hysterectomy right when I had my repair. She thanked me for telling her what her doc did not and said she was ordering one to use as soon as she could.

'my pelvic floor is strong, the dribble gone... I could have avoided the whole surgery had I known about this first.'

Women all over the world need to know they do NOT have to wear depends or pads and accept it as getting older like TV and even doctors tell us. You can absolutely take your pelvic health into your own hands. I just can't say enough about how this little machine has improved my life. I will NEVER let my pelvic health slide again. The program works and the maintenance is so simple. I recommend every woman have one of these.