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Liz's seen 'marked improvement in bladder control and vaginal sensation'

Liz decided to try Kegel8 after seeing our TV commercial.

She's seen a marked improvement in bladder control and vaginal sensation after just 7 weeks.

Liz used the Kegel8 Tight & Tone to get these results.

Read Liz's Story

I found out about the Kegel8 through a TV commercial, until then I was unaware of its existence. I researched and then bought a tight and tone. Almost 7 weeks in and there has been a marked improvement in bladder control and also with vaginal sensation. Put it this way, I have bought one for one of my sisters.

The system is remarkably easy and comfortable to use. I have only given myself a tingle once, I misread the readout and removed the probe before the cycle was fully finished, totally my fault as I didn’t have my glasses on.

I am peri-menopausal at the moment (46) but have seen a decrease in my mood swings since using the Kegel8, whilst I am not sure if this is connected, I am not discounting causality. I also have better control over my bowels, with less sudden impulses and a feeling of more security.

"Kegel8 makes me feel human again"

I have recommended the Kegel8 to all of my friends and cannot wait for my sister Mag to try it. This wonderful machine has helped me feel like a human again.

P.S. it’s also great fun!!!!