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Laurett's 'vagina back to life' with Kegel8

Journalist ‘Laurett Fenn’ told The Guardian how she took the brave step of ending an unsatisfactory relationship and started exploring the big new world of dating apps. What she found out was contrary to what we are told about older women’s desirability – she found herself inundated with messages from handsome men of all ages, something she has fully embraced! Forget hiding away and succumbing to the life of an old lady; menopause has freed her from the anxieties of younger women and left her fully in control of her sexuality!

“I worry that my pelvic floor is going to cave in like a Chilean mine. I order a Kegel8, a miracle machine that brings my vagina back to life like a defibrillator. My growler is so strong I can almost climb trees with it. Naturally, I am thrilled.” The Kegel8 can indeed help your ‘growler’! The menopause can cause your pelvic floor muscles to weaken which can make you feel less confident and result in horrible side effects like incontinence. Using a Kegel8 not only puts a stop to these symptoms, it is fantastic for your sex life! As the author found out, the Kegel8 enhances sex by making your vagina tighter which will improve sex for both you and your partner. It’s been found that the more sex you have, the more sex you desire, so with Kegel8 you’ll be living the Sex and the City lifestyle in no time!

'Kegel8, a miracle machine that brings my vagina back to life like a defibrillator.'

The arrival of the menopause is a source of dread for many women – there are a wide range of possible symptoms of varying severity and unpleasantness that can leave you sweaty, uncomfortable and feeling unattractive.

The traditional view of menopause is that it signals the end of everything society tends to value about women; our fertility, our youth and our sexual attractiveness. As the Baby Boomer generation starts to go through ‘the change’, they are changing attitudes to this time of life – something a recent Kegel8-praising Guardian article has expressed in lots of scintillating detail!

Remember Samantha from Sex & The City? She was one of pop culture’s first examples of an older woman who continued to embrace her sexuality without shame. Samantha is shown struggling with the effects of HRT in the second Sex & The City film but doesn’t let that get in the way of seducing the men of Abu Dhabi! Actress Kim Cattrall has also had trouble with symptoms like hot flashes but has recently campaigned for her fellow menopausal ladies, saying “I encourage all women to join me and ‘tune in’ to our bodies, and embrace menopause with style and as another fabulous chapter in our lives.”

My growler is so strong I can almost climb trees with it. Naturally, I am thrilled.

This new generation of older women have grown up with the rise of feminism and are unashamed about their bodies. An anonymous article printed in the Guardian this weekend offers an inspiring example of this and has gone viral as it strikes a chord with so many women! The author had the usual sense of dread as she felt her symptoms starting but found that as they eased off she discovered a new and exciting part of herself. Contrary to the expected effects of the libido decreasing as hormone levels change, ‘Laurett Fenn’  found with the help of Kegel8 that she is more interested in sex than ever!