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Catherine's 'bladder weakness is back to normal' with Kegel8 Ultra 20

Catherine did not experience any issues with her bladder until she was 40.

As well as suffering from several neurological symptoms, Catherine began to experience sudden urges to visit the toilet. As the bladder weakness got worse, Catherine turned to Kegel8 for a solution.

Catherine used the Ultra 20 to get these results.

Read Catherine's Story

My name is Catherine and I am 45 years old. I’ve got two sons age 17 and 20. I delivered my babies naturally and didn’t really have any issues at all bladder-wise until I was 40.

"On several occassions... I wet myself. Right next to the toilet."

I have never been diagnosed with MS but I have had several neurological symptoms associated with it and one of them was a weak bladder. In particular - an urgent bladder where I could be fine all day/evening but when I got home and on my way upstairs to the toilet, it would become very urgent. I was usually okay, mainly got there in time but on several occasions whilst wearing tights or a belt, I wet myself. Right next to the toilet. So I learnt to start undoing my trousers on my way. Of course this is only acceptable at home.

I actually found this pretty upsetting and worried that things would get worse - particularly as MS and other neurological conditions can get progressively worse in time. I googled and I found the Kegal8 website. I chose and Ultra and started using it immediately. It actually took 13 weeks before I noticed a difference which is longer than it said on the website but I guessed that because neurological bladder issues are often incurable, if it was going to work, it could take some time. It took until approximately 25 weeks until I felt I was back to normal and I still use my kegel8 Ultra 20 at least every other day. Why? Because in the past, I have skipped up to two weeks and felt my urgent need to go to the toilet come back pretty rapidly.

"I love the staff who work at Kegel8"

I love my Kegel8 and I love the staff who work there. I have had conversations with customer services where I’ve been upset and they have reassured me and conversations where I have been a bit embarrassed but have ended up laughing at a shared experience with the woman on the phone.

I very highly recommend Kegel8 and their customer services.